As I type this, I have literary just arrived at my hotel in Bogota and I’m exhausted! Actually, I’m more than exhausted. I can’t see straight so excuse the short blog.

As an extreme solo traveller, I’m so excited to be back on the road after the pandemic. This is my first long-haul trip since late 2019!

I’ve always wanted to travel to Colombia. I’ve been to Bogota once before but that was in 1997. I was flying back from Peru but the aircraft got stranded in Bogota and I was put in a hotel for 12 hrs and not allowed to leave (the security guards had AK47s!) .

Colombia has been plagued over the years by civil war but thanks to the peace agreement in 2016, it’s a much safer place to travel to. And what an amazing country it is – beaches, mountains, multiple national parks, UNESCO sites, wildlife, The Amazon and coffee plantations to name but a few! It’s the second most biodiverse country in the world after Brazil.

It’s taken me over 36 hrs to get to Bogota, what with getting to Heathrow, flight delays & then a 10 hr flight, but delighted to finally be here and see the first glimpse of Colombia in the taxi from the airport to my hotel!

Here’s a short video which I hope you will enjoy!

I’ll be writing more about Colombia in later posts. Until then….adios!

Ruthie x

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