I was starting to feel really unsafe on the island. My partner moved out for a while to catch his breath. Being home alone was daunting. I was told the mafia had a list of people they were planning on dealing with, and my name was getting closer to the top. 

Extract from Curse of the Turtle: The True Story of Thailand’s “Backpacker Murders” by Susanne Buchanan

This week I got a taste of what my guest, Suzanne Buchanan, has had to endure for the last seven years after being trolled on Twitter. It culminated on Friday when a graphic photo of the corpse of one of the murdered backpackers on Koh Tao was posted on my feed.

This, however, is nothing compared to what Suzanne has had to endure – the constant death threats and harassment for exposing the multiple suspicious deaths on Koh Tao, and bringing to the world’s attention what she believes is the wrongful conviction of two Burmese men for the murders of backpacker Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in 2014.

The trolls also posted some very sensitive material on my Twitter feed which could put Suzanne even more at risk.

Bravo to Suzanne for speaking out. We have free speech in the UK unlike in Thailand and everyone has the right to express an opinion without fear of reprisals.

This was such a surreal and thought-provoking experience recording this episode with Suzanne who so bravely detailed with chilling reality the inside info on a shocking and horrendous world news item. If any of you or your children plan a trip to this part of the world, I seriously commend you to listen to this episode and especially take note of her very sensible do’s and don’ts while there!! A must must listen!!

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YouTube video

FOR A TASTER, CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE VIDEO ABOVE (on your screen it may show as a photo but just click on). 

Suzanne’s book and SKY documentary

Suzanne’s book ‘The Curse of The Turtle: The True Story of Thailand’s Backpacker Murders’ is published by Wildblue Press and available on Amazon and Kindle:

Suzanne is also featured in a three-part documentary series for SKY Documentaries called Death on the Beach about the murders and suspicious deaths airing in March 2022. 


Ruthie x

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