I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone so far that has listened into the podcast and donated. Vanessa and Nick have been in tears with all the support given so far. The situation is even worse than Nick first imagined. Nick originally went to the border to help the refugees but heard the plight direct from many refugees he spoke to that they had had to leave their pets and animals behind. Already distressed, these refugees asked if someone could rescue their animals. He’s putting his life at risk going into Ukraine to rescue the pets and animals that have had to be abandoned (see today’s update below).

In my last email I overlooked including a short movie I created about the work Vanessa and Nick are doing (forgive me, yesterday was extremely busy with interviewing and editing the podcast). It’s a short taster of what we discuss in the podcast.

The name of the podcast episode is: BONUS ISSUE: UKRAINE SPECIAL – ANIMAL RESCUE MISSION and you can listen to the full episode here:


“Morning all, alas my mission yesterday into Ukraine was thwarted by the border soldiers.

A lone Englishman, apparently, without the correct ‘papers’ was not allowed in.

The Ukrainian border people have got really jumpy (probably no surprise), but I will be joining a convoy tomorrow with the right papers.

Such that it is, I’m gutted – but to be fair even if I did get across, the time it would have taken to get there and back would have been longer than the curfew would allow – and you really do not want to piss off the Ukrainian army/police.

However, some of the local boys who ‘seem’ to know how to ‘grease the wheel’ did get in.

Meet this little girl who was found nr Kyiv with her small litter.

She was part of another 100 that came in – and it’s not stopping.

We have been told about a place called Chelm (further north) that is being inundated. Vets without Borders, from what I understand, hopefully will be setting up a tent and it possibly means a run to there with food and supplies.

I’m really sorry to keep saying it, but it really is so important that we get them another vehicle – it has to be young (ish) and it has to be Polish so it does not have the same issues I’m running into.

Please help xx…/ukrainemissionnick…

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